Vasectomy or Sterilization

How It WorksDuring ejaculation, sperm is produced inthe testes, and flow through the vas deferens  toward the seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles and prostate gland create fluids that help carry the sperm out of the urethra.

A vasectomy is a safe, simple and effective surgical procedure that makes men sterile. A no-scalpel procedure is a technique for perfoming a vasectomy with less swelling and pain. There is also no incision or stiches.

What wil the doctor do?
Injections of anesthetic will be applied to your scrotum or lower groin. After it as settled and begun to work, the doctor will use a pointed clamp to make one or two punctures in the scrotum.The two vas deferens are lifted through this punctures and cut. A section of each vas deferen may be removed. The two cut ends are sealed by heat and tied or clipped. The puncture will heal naturally without stiches.

Will my sperm look the same?
Yes. The testes will still produce sperm. However, since the vas deferens are cut, the sperm will die and be absorbed by the body. Your prostate and seminal vesicles will still produce fluids , so your semen will look and feel the same. Your hormone levels will also stay the same.

Are there any possible risks or complications?
Complications are rare, but some discomfort may develop after the surgery. They include the following:
  1. Sperm Granuloma- a small lump that may form where the vas deferens were cut
  2. Sperm buildup- may cause soreness in the testes
  3. Epididymitis- inflammation that causes aches but will go away without treatment
  4. Vas deferens reconnect- (very rare) will result in fertility and can cause unwanted pregnancies
  5. Sperm anitbodies- a common response of the body to absorb sperm and prevents the reversal of a vasectomy

It is always important to follow all directions provided by the doctor and take all medications given in a timely manner.