Erectile Dysfunction

Have you had problems getting or keeping  an erection? Its time to get the help that you need. Erectile dysfunction affects 10-20 million men in the United States. Men of all ages have erection problems. These problems are due to any number of reasons. Some include drugs, surgery, injury, depression, stress, or illness.

The causes of erectile dysfunction are both physical and psychological. If the cause is physical, treatment may be medical or surgical. If the cause is psychological, couseling and sex therapy may help. 

Physical Causes Psychological Causes
use of drugs depression
blood flow or nerve impuse problems stress
surgery or serious health problems performance anxiety
lack of hormones

The penis goes through three stages to become erect. For these chages to happen, teamwork from the brain, blood vessels, nerves and hormones are needed.

The first is the flaccid or soft penis. The shaft of the penis has spongy tissue with lots of blood vessels, which begin inside and extend into the tip. The blood vessels are constricted and don't leave much room for extra blood, so the penis remains soft. The next stage, is the tumescent or swollen penis. In this stage the penis begins an erection. Nerve stimulation relaxes the blood vessels in the spongy tissue, making more room for blood. As the blood fills the penis swells. The last stage of an erection is the erect penis. At this point the penis is full of blood and the penis fully erect.



The doctor will perform a series of tests to see if there is a physical reason for factors that can cause your erection problem. Some of the following may be performed: 

  1. URINALYSIS- to test for blood in urine
  2. RECTAL EXAMINATION- to check for an inflamed prostate gland
  3. NERVE CHECK- to check for feelings in and around the penis
  4. VASODILATION to locate a stone
  5. CAVERNOSOGRAPHY-dye injections that show blood flow through x-rays
  6. CAVERNOSOMETRY- injection device to check the blood flow and pressure in the penis
  7. ULTRASOUND- an imaging test to measure blood flow in the penis
  8. SLEEP MONITERING- to monitor nocturnal erections


Transurethral Therapy Vacuum ErecionTherapy Penile Self-Injection Therapy
A small applicator delivers a soft, tiny, medicated pellet to the urethra. This medicine causes the blood vessels to relax and fill with blood until an erection occurs. A tube is placed over the penis and a hand or battery operated pump will vacuum draw blood into the penis. A tension ring is placed at the base of the penis to hold the erection. A self injected drug that relaxes the blood vessels. The drug takes about 10-15 minutes to get an erect penis.

Transurethral Therapy                                                      Penile Self-injection Therapy
Venous Flow Constriction Therapy Implant Surgery
A band that is placed around the base of the penis to trap blood in the penis to maintain an erection. An artifical device that is surgically implanted. There are three different types of implants; malleable, self- contained inflatable, and fully inflatable.

Implant Surgery